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Don’t let blocked drains disrupt your daily routine. Our skilled plumbers in Sydney CBD, Inner West, Sutherland Shire, St George, and Eastern Suburbs specialise in identifying and clearing blocked drains efficiently. Using advanced equipment and proven techniques, we can remove blockages and restore proper drainage to prevent further issues.

We specialise in identifying and clearing blocked drains efficiently.

Advanced equipment and techniques to remove blockages.

Ensure proper drainage and prevent further issues.

Provide insights on maintaining drain health to prevent future blockages.

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Our 4-Step Process to Unblock Blocked Drain in Sydney

Do you still need a justification to choose our skilled Sydney emergency plumbing services? Here are three reasons that stand out:

Thorough Assessment of Blocked Drains

Initial service assessment carried out by experienced blocked drain experts at Jeremy Plumbing. It helps us to determine whether your clogged drains are a result of stormwater or sewage pipes. Our latest CCTV drain inspection camera enables us to trace the problem to its source without unnecessary digging.

Efficient Clearing of Blocked Drains

Our Sydney plumbers clear clogged stormwater or sewage drains with a strong water jetter. This method offers improved tree root-cutting in pipes of any length. It provides an economic and practical solution that can easily deal with oil, roots, garbage, and sand in the drains.

Accurate CCTV Drain Inspection

This closed-circuit CCTV drain camera gets to the exact problem areas when searching for obstructions in your drainage system. This is an elaborate explanation of the problem, be it in your main sewerage line or in your sewage. Our CCTV inspections provide comprehensive analytical reports with color photos of the obstruction. The plumbing solution is sped up since it reduces the time needed to dig the sewage lines.

Preventing Future Blocked Drains

For example, our plumbers would recommend a less costly yet environmentally friendly pipe relay as compared to the replacement of pipes. This advanced method helps fix your cracked pipes and provides a lasting solution to your blocked drains. We deliver permanent solutions that ensure your drain does not have any obstructions in future.

Get an enduring solution from Jeremy Plumbing for blocked drains.

Typical Blocked Drain Issues in Sydney

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Why Drains Get Blocked in Sydney: Common Causes

If you have detected any blockages of drainage, possibly you are asking what is happening. Here are the usual suspects behind blocked drains in Sydney:

Hair Blockages

This includes hair, which forms the most common problem of all, sticking with grease and soap to make tenacious clogs that block pipes.

Soap Blockages

Ironically, some soaps consist of grease or fat which causes the accumulation of soap scum that blocks the shower and bath pipes.

Food Scrap Blockages

Sydney often experiences many emergency drain unblocking calls resulting from the accumulation of food scraps in many kitchens. They can also harden in pipes, making stiff blockages.

Tree Roots

One of the common challenges in the Sydney metro area is tree roots invading drains. Leaks from small cracks in pipe walls enable roots to penetrate and block fluid flow, causing great harm.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes don’t break apart as easily as toilet paper does. Gradually, they accumulate in pipes causing blockages and sewage backups that need costly repairs.

To keep your drains flowing smoothly, avoid putting the wrong things down the drain.

Avoiding Blocked Drains in Sydney:
Tips & Tricks

Here are some simple tips to keep your drains in tip-top shape:

Don’t Flush Objects: Don’t flush things down your sink or toilet that shouldn’t be there.

Handle Grease and Fats: Do not pour grease and fats down the drain. Instead, dispose of them properly. 

Regular Drain Maintenance: Clear drain and sink traps regularly to avoid accumulation of debris.

Gutter Cleaning: Remember to clean out your gutters periodically to avoid problems.

Did you know? By regularly involving a Sydney plumber, you will effectively avoid blocked drains or pipe problems. We will also offer free Root Risk Analysis that pinpoints possible risks early enough to reduce loss or damage, and cost of repair.

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Igor Likhorovitch
Igor Likhorovitch
Very responsive, effecient and reasonable priced. I would highly recommend Jeremy's plumbing! Thank You!
Karine Mathews
Karine Mathews
Service was Gas cooktop replacement. Thanks Jeremy, Chris and the team. You were all polite, friendly, on time and the workmanship and clean up was perfect! Great job Thanks
jennifer t
jennifer t
Jeremy came to fix my grandpa's toilet which had a variety of issues. He was on time, efficient, and quick. Jeremy is very knowledgeable and passionate about his work. He is a very reliable worker which will always be recommended and called if any issues arise.
Malina Smith
Malina Smith
Excellent service from start to finish. I called them at 4pm and they where are my place by 5pm with all the tools needed and no stuffing around needing to go to Bunnings. By 6pm the job was done. Very quick and efficient with very competitive prices. Highly recommend. Thanks guys, will definitely use your services again.
Matthias Wildermuth
Matthias Wildermuth
Local and very good
Jeremy's Plumbing answered our frantic call at midnight last night when our water heater split and flooded our flat and the downstairs neighbour's flat. He was at our place within 15 minutes, and was calm and professional in the face of our panic. He isolated the hot water, fixed the problem, and cleaned all the flood waters up too. He left us with very handy advice to alleviate the water damage to floors and furniture. Can't recommend this business highly enough. Thank you, thank you!!
Michael Spinks
Michael Spinks
Would highly recommend this company, on time quality tradesman Replaced leaking taps, repaired roof leak and installed our new dishwasher. Honest and fair
Michael Ralph
Michael Ralph
J completed the replacement of a sewer boundary trap, the old clay trap was broken and back up. They came first thing the next day and worked their butts off to complete the job. Amazing job and would totally recommend.
Aaron Wedesweiler
Aaron Wedesweiler
Jeremy did the plumbing installation for our new laundry. He was able to come out the next day which was amazing as I was looking for a fast turn around. The work he did at my place was very professional! He is also extremely thorough and very reasonably priced for the quality. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for plumbing services. Thanks for the top work Jeremy

Blocked Drain Sydney - Your Questions Answered

True, blocked drains may result in flooding one’s premises. A single blocked drain may result in water surges that disrupt plumbing and drainage.
Our Sydney blocked drain specialists are leaders in blocking and unblocking services. Our plumbing services are dependable around the clock.
Oh yes, for accurate location, we use our advanced tools to pinpoint where your pipes and drains are situated.

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Got a blocked drain? Do not wait any longer, call us, we will diagnose what is blocking and unblock it instantly so that your drain flows normally again. Trust is of fundamental essence when working with a blocked drain. We appreciate a clear transparent relationship with our customers at Jeremy Plumbing. We are a locally-owned, family-run plumber that has been in business for over a decade with a five-star rating on Google.
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