How Much Does It Cost to Install Toilet Plumbing in Australia

Install Toilet Plumbing in Australia

Navigating toilet installation can be intimidating. A quick online search will pull hundreds of articles filled with plumbing terms. Before you rush to buy tools and equipment for a do-it-yourself plumbing job, remember that poorly done plumbing work can cost up to $5000 to fix.

Therefore, save yourself the hefty repair bill and read this comprehensive guide on toilet installation costs.

Toilet Installation Costs in Australia

Toilet Installation Costs in Australia

New toilet installation costs range from as little as $150 to $1800 or more. The price depends on the type of toilet you select, the purpose of the installation, and whether your existing plumbing needs repairs.

Experienced plumbers in Australia will give you quotes upfront because they know how long it will take to replace or install a new toilet. Generally, toilet installations take around three hours.

Furthermore, to save money, it’s a good idea to check with your local council for any available rebates on replacing old toilets with new, water-efficient models. Also, consider the added costs of installing a new toilet in an area without existing plumbing lines.

Types of New Toilet Installations With Estimated Costs

Here are popular types of toilets with an estimate of how much to install a new toilet in Australia.

1. Wall-Hung

$750 to $14000

A wall-hung or floating toilet is attached to the wall rather than the floor. This type of toilet installation offers the ease of cleaning. Plus, floating toilets have a sleek design that gives your bathroom a futuristic style.

2. Close-Coupled

$300 to $1300

A close-coupled toilet contains an external cistern tank. One of the significant benefits of close-coupled toilets is that they are easy to install and maintain. Plus, their design is timeless.

3. Back-to-Wall

$500 to $1250

This toilet attaches the toilet suite cistern against the bathroom wall. What’s great about this toilet is the additional space in the bathroom. These toilets blend elements of the traditional close-coupled design with the minimalist floating toilets.

4. Wall-Faced

$750 to $14000

The wall-faced toilet is different from the back-to-wall toilet as it has an in-wall cistern. If you prefer a sleek design, this is for you.

The Signs You Need a New Toilet


Look for leaks near the tank and around the seal. Any dripping of pooling water is a sign your toilet needs replacement.


Frequent toilet blocks indicate that a part of the toilet has worn out. While a problem could be downstream, letting a plumber be the judge is the best option for you.


When you can feel the toilet shift when you sit, the bolts are loose, and the wax seal is compromised. Look for cracks on the bowl and surrounding floor as well.


Usually, the toilets are durable; however, experts’ general rule of thumb suggests that the average age of toilets is 25 years. After that, your toilet may require repair or replacement.

Do You Need Toilet Repair or Installation?

Toilet Repair or Installation

Choosing between toilet repairs and a new installation can be made easy by considering the following things:

  • Cost: Repair costs are typically less than a new
  • toilet installation costs:  However, the more time passes, the more repairs you need to make, and at some point, repairs will cost you more than a new toilet.
  • Parts: Even though repair is simple, older models may have rare parts that are hard to find compared to newer models.
  • Water Saving: Whether for the sake of the environment, your pocket or simply because of water shortages, you should save water. However, the features that allow you to do so are available in newer toilet models. So, you will only hold water if you repair it.

What Includes in New Toilet Installation?

Toilet installation costs will vary because you can pick between these additional features:

Dual Flush

These toilets come with flushing settings for solids and liquids and are expensive.

One or Two-piece

These toilets come either with the bowl and cistern separate or fused. The two-piece toilet costs less.

Custom Features

Ever wanted to install a bidet or toilet seat warmer for those cold months? Well, these customer features increase the costs.


When choosing a brand, browse online options, chat with installers, and read customer reviews.

Bowl Shape

A round toilet bowl is the best option for bathrooms with limited space. However, an elongated bowl is the way to go if your bathroom is spacious.

How to Choose the Right Plumber to Install Your Toilet

Choose Right Plumber For Installing Toilet

When it comes to a brand-new installation, you should turn to experts. In Australia, plumbing is a restricted trade that requires certification.

While plumbing can run a high cost, you should understand your vision and budget and find a low cost to install a toilet. Here are some tips to find the best plumber:

  • Check your plumber’s qualifications. A plumber must have proof of training and a plumbing license.
  • Combine your toilet installations with other plumbing repairs to avoid additional fees.
  • Before hiring, ask to view their insurance. Plumbers should have insurance to safeguard your property from damage.
  • Check reviews and estimates from local homeowners.
  • Research the plumber or the company.
  • Clarify with the person whether they charge an hourly or flat rate to avoid complications in toilet installation costs.
  • Check out their competitors and call other plumbers to get a free estimate.
  • Ask plenty of questions about the new toilet installation process.


To recap, how much to install a toilet varies. It can be anywhere from $150 for a simple, new installation to above $1800 for something more complicated. Before hiring an expert, do your research and manage your budget. Typically, expert plumbers like Jeremy’s Plumbing will gladly take you through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a toilet installation include?

A toilet installation involves removing the old toilet, removing the old wax ring, and installing the new toilet with a new wax ring and fastening it.

How much does it cost to put in a new toilet system?

Toilet installation prices vary depending on the plumber, the type of toilet, its additional features, and the existing plumbing. If no system exists, this will cost the higher end of the $150-$1800 range.

How long after installation can a toilet be used?

A new toilet can be used immediately after your plumber finishes installation. They will even flush it to check that it works properly.


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