How Much Does It Cost to Install Toilet Plumbing in Australia

Install Toilet Plumbing in Australia

Navigating toilet installation can be intimidating. A quick online search will pull hundreds of articles filled with plumbing terms. Before you rush to buy tools and equipment for a do-it-yourself plumbing job, remember that poorly done plumbing work can cost up to $5000 to fix. Therefore, save yourself the hefty repair bill and read this […]

Gas Hot Water Not Working: Quick Fixes and Expert Solutions

Gas Hot Water Not Working: Problems and Solutions

Is your hot water coming out lukewarm or cold? Don’t suffer from cold showers anymore! Gas hot water systems can seem daunting to deal with. However, there are many ways you can fix these problems by yourself, with a bit of help. In this blog, we will discover why your gas hot water is not working. […]

How Much Does a Plumber Cost? Plumber Hourly Rate Guide

How Much Does a Plumber Cost Plumber Hourly Rate Guide

The hourly rate of a plumber can be a little intimidating, especially when you are not in the trade. You might opt to leave your tap leaking – since it’s not flooding the house. Did you know taps waste 24,000 liters per year? Despite the environmental impact, you’re still paying for all that water. Do yourself a […]